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Toss the eyebrow pencil and forget about the brow shadow! With the permanent microblading services provided by The Posh Peepers, your brows are instantly enhanced! Create a natural appeal with stunning brows that appear natural, full and feminine. Microblading creates semi-permanent and gorgeous eyebrows! Our professional microblading technicians use a precise technique to tattoo strokes of realistic looking brow hairs for the appearance of fuller, shapely brows. With this method, you can confidently step out with stunning full eyebrows and without the hassle or fuss of drawing in or shading your brows daily! 

All microblading enhancements are performed by our experienced and certified brow artists. The permanent eyebrow tattoo is most popular for thinning brows. Our technicians will consult with clients on the desired shape and color for their new brows. The brow area is then thoroughly cleaned and numbed with a local anaesthetic. The hair-like tattoo strokes are then applied by hand with a small needle onto the mapped brow. 

Microblading can last anywhere between 1 to 3 years with the appropriate maintenance. It will fade more rapidly on combination/oily skin types, as well as vigorous use of skin care products. 

  • Do not take any Vitamin E supplements or fish oil at least a full seven days ahead of your appointment
  • Avoid taking any ibuprofen or NSAIDS the day-of or day before your appointment
  • We suggest coming in makeup-free for your appointment
  • If you have any questions or concerns, we offer free microblading consultations with your technician to be scheduled ahead of your appointment

Once microblading is performed, your technician will provide you with a soap cleanser and moisturizing cream for your brows. After your first session with us, it takes 7-10 days for the brows to peel and begin the healing process. We highly suggest keeping your newly microbladed brows clean while they heal, in order to prevent any complications. Avoid moisture, steam and heat for the next several days.

At The Posh Peepers, we prioritize the health and safety of each person who walks through our doors. Each of our microblading artists are professionally trained and licensed for microblading services and practices. In addition, The Posh Peepers salon is licensed by the Texas State Health Department to perform microblading and permanent tattoo services. At The Posh Peepers, we can ensure the safety and professionalism of your experience with us. 


We understand how critical lash extensions are as a latest fashion must-have in every woman’s beauty routine. This is why The Posh Peepers lash extensions services are curated to enable you rush out the door while beaming in confidence at any time of the day. We combine skill, creativity and state-of-the-art selection and application procedures/products when we attend to you. While lash extensions are a semi-permanent luxury, at Posh Peepers we prioritize the quality of our work to elongate the lifespan of your extensions. We remain consistent and dedicated to the quality of our work, which can insure the longevity of each set of lashes. Our lash extensions boast fineness, durability and versatility. 

The Posh Peepers uses several different types of lash extensions sourced from pristine lash manufacturers, such as the world-renowned Bella Lash. You can rest assured that our lash extensions are made exclusively from the vegan-friendly faux mink, and are all solely handmade. They are shaped (not cut) by hand with such precision so as to give that tapered finish that mimics the natural eyelash. No fake-looking lashes here!

As a professional salon with licensed stylists, we prioritize quality results and the health of your natural lashes. Each of Posh Peepers stylists have been certified and thoroughly trained to design the look you desire without damaging your natural lashes. By using professional techniques to apply each handmade lash- as well as educating each client about lash health and care- we prevent any extensive damage to your natural lashes.

At The Posh Peepers, we are well aware that no two women have the exact same eyes or preferred style. We care about your satisfaction with our lash extensions application services.

To ensure your satisfaction with all aspects of your lash extensions, we take a look at different factors which play a role in determining the exact style that will work best for you. You may be asked about your daily life and what your daily makeup routine looks like. Then we show you the various lengths available and ask about your preferences. This guarantees that not only your needs are met, but that your lashes can look their best for any and all occasions in your daily life.

While determining the mapping of your lash extensions, we pay close attention to your facial structure and natural features. This helps to prevent the lash positioning from looking disproportionate with your face. We also take into consideration the most complimentary lengths of our lash extensions for your face, which will help to accentuate your natural beauty.

Our stylists also pay close attention to the health of your natural lashes. Please keep in mind that our lash extension services require strong, natural eyelashes. With brittle or damaged lashes, we do not have the optimal canvas to apply our work.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Lash Aftercare
  • Avoid moisture and intense heat after the application of your lashes
  • Do not get lashes wet for the first 24 hours after application in order to let the adhesive properly cure 
  • Avoid direct friction on your lashes to prevent them from shedding or damaging your natural lashes
  • Be sure to remove makeup and oil residue to prevent oils from building up- which would weaken the adhesive
  • Cleanse and groom your lashes regularly using extension safe cleansers and lash brush
  • Use oil-free makeup and skincare products to avoid breaking down bonds