The Posh Peepers Services

Dare to be bold with show-stopping eyelash extensions. We create incredible lash looks, fully customized to enhance your natural lashes. Lashes can beautify your natural appearance with the craftsmanship of our cosmetic experts. We provide lash extensions in gorgeous styles ranging from a subtle natural look, to full voluminous glam.

When your brows need sculpting or shading, our lash and brow artists can produce spectacular results. Our microblading methods help you achieve permanently sculpted brows that can last for years. The service is performed by a professional brow artist who has completed full training and licensing. We learn what your needs are to create your ideal brows.



Classic Lash Extensions 


Get a full set of our classic lash extensions to enhance your look! These lashes include synthetic mink extensions attached with the strongest adhesive in the industry. Classic lashes are a more natural appearance with a one-to-one ratio of extension lashes to natural lashes


Classic Full Set: $120


Classic 1 Week fill: $55


Classic 2 Week fill: $70


Classic 3 Week fill: $85


Classic 4 Week fill: $100


Hybrid Lash Extensions 


Hybrid lash extensions combine the best elements from classic and volume styles. The well-loved wispy lash look is created with the combination of handmade volume fans and long classic lashes. Our lashes are synthetic mink and attached with the strongest adhesive in the industry.


Hybrid Full Set: $155


Hybrid 1 Week fill: $65


Hybrid 2 Week fill: $80


Hybrid 3 Week fill: $95


Hybrid 4 Week fill: $110


Volume Lash Extensions 


Have show-stopping lashes with a full set of our volume lash extensions! Handmade fans are attached to natural lashes with the strongest adhesive in the industry to create a dramatic and eye-catching look.


Volume Full Set: $200


Volume 1 Week fill: $75


Volume 2 Week fill: $90


Volume 3 Week fill: $110


Volume 4 Week fill: $120


Foreign Lash Fill Fee $40


Wanting to switch to us from another salon? There will be an additional one time fee of $40.

Please book a fill if you have at least 50% of lashes left otherwise it will be considered a full set and charged accordingly.


Lash Extensions Upgrades


Want to change your classic lash extensions to an upgraded style?


Upgrade to hybrid $40 | upgrade to volume $120

Microblading $600

Permanent brow tattoos allows you to effortlessly have perfectly shaped and shaded eyebrows. Our professional microblading technicians use precise techniques to tattoo realistic looking brow hairs for the appearance of fuller, shapely brows. Microblading appointments require a non-refundable deposit to be taken at the time of scheduling the appointment. The deposit must be paid in order to schedule an appointment. The remaining payment will be taken on the day of your appointment.

Microblading with Judy - $300 at time of booking/deposit, $300 at appointment. A 6 to 8 week follow up is required and included in the cost. Total of $600.00.

| three-six month touch up $150 |  six-twelve month touch up $200  |  twelve+ months $250


Microshading $100

Subtle shading of your natural brow hairs


Microblading Maintenance touch up between 3-6 months $150
Microblading Maintenance touch up between 7-12 months $200
Microblading touch up maintenance 12+ months $250

Brow Wax $20
Upper Lip Wax $15
Chin Wax $15
Neck Wax $20
Sideburns Wax $15
Body Waxing - Full Arm (not including under arm) $50
Body Waxing - Upper Arm $40
Body Waxing - Lower Arm $40
Lash Lift $95 (Perm)

Using a perming solution, your natural lashes will have a lasting curl to make your look pop


Lash or Brow Tint $25

Have your natural lashes or brow hairs tinted to enhance their appearance. Tints can last up to six weeks


Lash Lift + Tint $120

Pair a lash lift with a lash tint to make your natural lashes darker and more curled


Brow Lamination $120
Brow Lamination and Tint $150
Brow + Lash Tint $45

Combine a brow tint with a lash tint for an ultimate enhancement of your natural beauty


Brow Wax + Lash Tint $35

Combine a brow shaping and waxing with a lash tint


Lip + Brow Wax $30

Combine an upper lip wax and a brow wax for ultimate grooming of your facial hairs


Brow & Lash tint and Brow Wax $55

Bring attention to your eyes with this package


Lash Lift and Tint $115

Bring attention to your eyes with this package


Face Framer $145

Brow and Lash tint plus a lash lift and brow wax


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