The return of tailoring and dapper men

The return of tailoring and dapper men

This week’s blog post is for guys, some quick, simple and easy sartorial tips for your hair and wardrobe:

Whether you’re into fashion and grooming, or not, it’s highly likely that the warmer months limit your sartorial choices in most parts of the country. In July and August, layering is practically out of the question and one of the primary thoughts while getting dressed is, how do I stay cool while staying cool?
In regards to hair:
Let’s move on past the “Military Cut”, the quiff, and the undercut. It’s just too hot for all that pomade. No one (especially your significant other) wants to make contact with a head product, no real hair to run finger through. More importantly, your bouffant is no match for a beating sun and the humidity. Lastly, that quiff won’t cut it when it comes to a random day at the beach or pool. Instead we suggest going back to basics. For the summer, an all-over, scissor overcomb (or crewcut) is my first pick. The stylists at Lash Crush are well trained in a great short cut which is more elevated than your barber shop buzz. Also, take it from someone who has experience: the grow out is much cleaner. Keep in mind:  the beauty of a crewcut is its freshness.  You will need regular upkeep.  Lash Crush says If you aren’t one for the crewcut, try a “high and tight” and ask for a little fringe on top. For someone who doesn’t want the extreme of a classic crewcut, this haircut will give you the same, carefree, airy feeling with just a little more on top to play around.
When it comes to fashion:
Avoid from dense fabrics, heavy shoes, and anything that will trap heat. Many stylists will recommend linen for the warmer weather  Personally, I don’t believe the fabric has a luxe look or feel (even the more expensive versions). Everyone knows about the linen wrinkles. I am not one for looking right while getting ready and being a wrinkled mess as soon as I leave the front door. For goof reason, cotton is the most popular choice when it comes to summer dressing. It’s a lightweight fabric which breathes easily, letting the air in and out. Many of the new cottons (and cotton blends) have wicking abilities these days. Wicking fabrics have two main benefits: 1. They repel your body’s sweat to the outer layer of the garment.  2. They dry quickly so that your sweat doesn’t saturate the fabric. People expect people to wear less and try less during the Spring and Summer. You can’t go wrong with a navy trouser, a basic pocket tee, and sneakers. Relaxed, lightweight, and effortless.
The biggest trend of the season is tie dye. It’s all about the 70s signature look, but this time around, it’s more elevated. More sophisticated. A tie dye sweatshirt and chinos are a little more like it, rather than and old Grateful Dead tee with your cut-off shorts. If you want to be part of the trend, but not scream too much fashion, try a pair of pleated shorts and a polo with some tie dyes socks.
When it comes to your shoes:
I believe sneakers and camp mocs are the best bet. Other than your more formal settings, these two choices will get you through most of the summer comfortably and in style. But, if you are someone who really wants to be trendy, forget about the hyped up “Dad Sneakers.”  This summer, it’s all about the “Steroid Sandals.” These newer versions of your old time classics (such as Teva) are bulkier, bigger, and more to love. It’s an easy throw on with any summer look.
Head to Lash Crush and talk to your stylist about a new haircut which will work for you this summer. Enjoy that fresh cut and the relaxed vibes for the next few months. Tune back in, gentlemen, at the end of the summer for a preview of what’s in and what’s out for men’s fashion and hair. For now, we’ll just say that this Fall men’s fashion will be taking a huge turn. Say goodbye to streetwear and hello to the return of tailoring and dapper men.
camp mocs:
high and tight:
high and tight: